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The Summit Pain Management Philosophy

Pain is one of the most frequent complaints encountered by healthcare professionals. We have found that comprehensive and multidisciplinary care is the most successful approach to managing acute and chronic pain. All the healthcare professionals here at Summit Pain Management are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality, focused care available to treat their condition.

Our Mission

Here at Summit Pain Management, we take great pride in listening to the patient and take all the time necessary to hear your problems and concerns related to your pain. We then take all the information available to create the most comprehensive program to control your pain. We work closely with numerous other specialists such as orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and addiction counseling specialists to get you back to a quality life that will allow you to function as normally as possible. At Summit Pain Management, we know. 

It's your life.
Your pain.
Your choice. 

We will listen to your life, treat your pain, and earn your trust.

Our History

Summit Pain Management began in 2012. We are a fully licensed chronic pain management facility and comply with all State and Federal rules and regulations. 

How Serious is Pain?

Pain attacks the human body at every vulnerable target -- muscles, bones, and joints. More than one-quarter of Americans (26%) aged 20 years and over —or an estimated 76.5 million Americans—reported having problems that persisted for more than 24 hours. This number does not account for acute pain.

Pain Management: A Multi-Model Approach

Interventional pain management is a highly skilled area of medicine and a distinct subspecialty of pain management (designed in 2002 by CMS). Interventional pain specialist aim at limiting or avoiding patient dependence on pain medication and extreme surgical measures. Interventional pain management focuses on finding the cause of the pain and then, using a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, provides a full range of services and treatment options to relieve, reduce or manage pain to improve patient quality of life.

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Principles of Pain Management

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