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This minimally-invasive procedure treats spine fractures caused by osteoporosis. It is designed to relieve rapid back pain and help straighten the spine.

Instruments Inserted

Small instruments are placed into the fractured vertebral body through a half-inch incision to create a working channel.

IBT Inserted

The KyphX® Inflatable Bone Tamp (IBT) is then placed into the fracture.

Cavity Created

The device is carefully inflated, creating a cavity inside the vertebral body.

Balloon Deflated

The balloon is deflated, leaving a cavity in the vertebral body.

Fracture Stabilized

The cavity is filled with bone cement to stabilize the fracture. Once filled, the incision is closed.

End of Procedure

With the process completed, an "internal cast" is now in place. This stabilizes the vertebral body, provides rapid mobility and pain relief, and restores vertebral body height, reducing spinal deformity.

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