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MAT Program (Medication Assisted Treatment Program)


Buprenorphine is an opioid but the effects are much less than heroin and methadone. Using low doses of buprenorphine helps opiate addicted individuals stop their use of opiate drugs and avoid withdrawal symptoms.


Suboxone is also used to treat individuals addicted to opiates. Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. Suboxone was approved for the treatment of opiate addiction in 2002. Suboxone tablets are dissolved under the tongue and never chewed or swallowed, Suboxone sublingual film is dissolved under the tongue also. When combining comprehensive substance abuse treatment with Suboxone treatment, individuals addicted to opiate drugs can successfully recover from their addiction.

Combining medications with counseling and behavioral therapy individual’s addicted to drugs and can stand a much higher chance of recovering from their dependency. Addicts are able to change their behaviors and the way they look at drugs. Medication assisted treatment also helps the addicted substance user stay in treatment longer which reduces the chance of relapse and increases their success in recovery.

Many people complain about some of the medications listed above and say they’re addictive and lead to dependency. If you’re serious about getting help for your addiction to drugs and you’re willing to work hard to recover, you can and you will. Dedicated people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol recover from their addiction all the time. Counselors and Therapists are here to help in any way they can but it’s up to you to work hard and be honest with them. If you’re having a problem with a medication that’s prescribed to help you during treatment it’s up to you to let them know.

Our trained staff want to see you succeed and recover from your addiction and they will work with you no matter what your needs are. Medication treatment therapy is designed to help the addict recover but if treatment medications are abused it will only make a person’s life more miserable, decrease your health, increase relapse and stand in your way of a healthy substance free future.

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