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Peripheral Nerve Block

Peripheral Nerve Blocks affect the peripheral nerves; nerves beyond the brain and spinal cord. These nerves transmit sensation and motor (movement) signals.

Peripheral Nerve Block Overview
Peripheral nerve blocks are given mainly to control pain arising from a nerve. Nerve injury can be caused by many things including: trauma, compression, ischemia, or toxic exposure to a nerve. The block involves the injection of a local anesthetic with a steroid in proximity to the injured nerve to decrease the conduction of pain signals along the nerve.

Common Areas for Nerve Blocks

  • Median nerve = for carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Ilioinguinal nerve = for groin pain after hernia surgery or trauma.

  • Sciatic or femoral = for leg or knee pain

After the Procedure
Mild bruising may occur in some instances. Applying ice to the injection site for the first couple days is recommended to minimize local inflammation. Please notify your doctor should the injection site become infected or inflamed, or you suspect nerve injury.

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